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Marató dels Dements

Marató dels Dements is a sporting event included in the world of mountain races that was held on November 11/12, 2023 and that includes three events: Marató dels Dements, Mitja d'Eslida and Mitja d'Ain. Being a finisher in these last two gives rise to it in Dements per stage. It is a set of non-federated tests that run through the network of paths and trails that make up part of the Parc Natural de la Serra d'Espadà in order to promote tourism in the area and open it to those who wish to participate in a world responsible rural and sustainable, always basing the event on the principles that underpin eco-responsibility. This event is organized by C.M. Dements in collaboration with the Hon. City Council of Eslida, the Hon. City Council of Ain, the Hon. Diputación de Castellón and the Parc Natural de la Serra d'Espadà.

The VII Marató dels Dements was held on November 11, 2023. It is a test of exceptional hardness to understand in its 42.5 km a positive and negative height of 3808m for a cumulative total of 7616m with a PPI of 831 which implies a high degree of sports preparation and knowledge for self-management in the natural environment. It is not a march, but a race in which each runner must manage their times and positioning to pass the cut-off times that require a certain requirement and strategy, especially at the beginning to avoid slowing down the traffic advice. of career. The organization for security reasons will not be lax in court times. 1 second or 3 minutes above, is to be out of control ... For all this, LA MARATÓ DELS DEMENTS IS NOT A TEST TO START IN THE TRAIL RUNNING.

Alongside the reign, the sporting event is completed by the Mitja d'Eslida, held on Saturday 11 with 21.2 km and 1925m of positive and negative height gain; and on the other, the Mitja d'Ain that was celebrated on Sunday 12 with 23 km and 2007m of positive and negative height difference.