> Article 1.

C.M.P. Mur i Castell and A.E. Fonts d'Eslida, in collaboration with the City Council of Eslida and the City Council of Aín, will organize the Marató dels Dements and the Mitja d'Eslida, which will take place on November 16, 2019, departing from the Sports Center of Eslida (Castellón). They will also organize the Mitja d'Ain, which will take place on November 17, 2019, with starting point at the Carrer Secà de Aín (Castellón). The completion of the Mitja d'Eslida and the Mitja d'Ain will lead to the classification in Dements by stages.


> Article 2.

The set of races that make up the Marató dels Dements event are three races on foot, nationally, by mountain and consisting of driving through the heart of the Sierra Espadán passing through the municipal districts of Eslida, Aín, Azuébar and Fondeguilla:

  • Marató dels Dements with 42,5km y 3808m of elevation altitude +/-
  • Mitja d'Eslida with 21km y 1925m of elevation altitude +/-
  • Mitja d'Ain with 23km y 2007m of elevation altitude +/-

The joint participation in the Mitja d'Eslida and the Mitja d'Ain will give rise to the combined classification called Dements by stages with 44kms and 3932 meters of elevation altitude +/-.

For the realization of the test runners will have a maximum time of:

  • 11 hours (Marató dels Dements)
  • 5:30 hours (Mitja d'Eslida)
  • 6 hours (Mitja d'Ain)


The Marató dels Dements is based on an ethic, and essential values ​​shared by the runners, the sponsors, the volunteers and the organizers.


Do not leave garbage in nature, use the containers available, respect the flora and fauna, strictly follow the marked route without using shortcuts. The organization will use whenever possible reusable or recyclable material and will proceed to the collection of possible waste substances along the route in order to preserve the environment and uses in the most sustainable way possible the natural area that makes up the Natural Park of the Sierra de Espadán .

> Article 4.SOLIDARITY

The respect of the runners, the volunteers, the sponsors and the public are essential elements of the Marató dels Dements.


The Marató dels Dements will be a technical and very tough mountain test carried out in semi-self-sufficiency, and participantsare advised to be in very good physical condition and have experience in this type of tests given the high level of demand. Under no circumstances could it be considered a trail initiation test.

Participants will have to be prepared to manage sometimes difficult race conditions and a physical or mental state due to extreme exhaustion.


For the event, the following categories will be established :

a) Marató dels Dements:

  • Absolute masculine and absolute feminine
  • Male and female Veterans. From 40 to 49 years old (including all those born in the year 1979)
  • Male and female Master. Over 50 years (including all those born in 1969)
  • Female, male and mixed couples, these must arrive at the same time at the finish line after completing the course together. If it is proven that this has not been the case, they will be excluded from said classification.
  • Minimalist masculine and feminine (as long as in the test they had enrolled more than 10 people in this category, otherwise only the winner will be elegible.
  • Local male and female for those registered and born in Eslida or Aín

b) Mitja d'Eslida:

  • Absolute masculine and absolute feminine
  • Local male and female for those registered and born in Eslida

c) Mitja d'Ain:

  • Absolute masculine and absolute feminine
  • Local male and female for those registered and born in Aín

d) Dements by Stages:

  • Absolute masculine and absolute feminine
  • Sub-23 (including all those born in the year 1996 and successive years)
  • Male and Female Master +60 (including all those born in the year 1959 and successive)
  • Local male and female for those registered and born in Eslida or Aín

The classification in the Marató dels Dements by stages is not exclusive of the classification in the Mitja d'Eslida or in the Mitja d'Ain.

The registration will be open to anyone 18 years of age on the day of the race for the Marató dels Dements event and for all those who are 16 years old on the day of the celebration of the event in the events Mitja d'Eslida and Mitja d'Ain with parental authorization.


To authenticate the registration it will be essential to accept the regulations and to exempt the organizers from liability in case of accident or personal injury suffered during the competition or afterwards by signing the Statement of Responsibility during the registration process.

> Article 7. INSURANCE

The organization of the test will contract a civil liability and accident insurance for all participants whether federated or not. The insurance and the organization will not be responsible for the consequences that may lead to irresponsible attitudes on the part of the runner.


All participants renounce to use the right of their image and authorize the organization and its sponsors to freely use and publish any photograph or video recorded in the context of the race.


The price of registration is:

  • €45 Marató dels Dements
  • €50 Dements by Stages
  • €25 Mitja d'Eslida
  • €25 Mitja d'Ain

The registrations will be made through our website.

In case of justified reason the runner will be entitled until September 30, 2019 to receive 75% of the registration, and 50% from October 1, 2019 to October 16, 2019 both inclusive if requested to As of October 17, 2019 there will be no refund.

At the close of registrations, the waiting list will be activated on the platform, which will cover, in strict order, any dropouts that may occur. If the registration is accepted while on the waiting list, seven days will be available to formalize it. Once the deadline has passed, the registration will be rejected and the participant will be excluded from the waiting list.

In no case will the name change in numbers be allowed out of respect to the place reservations

> Article 10. REGISTRATION

Registration includes:

  • Briefing on Friday, November 15, 2019
  • Liquid and solid food supplies during the race and at the end of it
  • Healthcare.
  • Massage at the finsh area .
  • Shower and cloakroom service.
  • Trail runner bag based on the collaborators and sponsors .
  • Report of the time and diploma online through the mychip website .

Being a finisher in the Marató dels Dements (42.5 km test) and in Dements by stages (44 km combined test) will result in obtaining a finisher medal.


The opening of registrations will be on July 7, 2019 at 12 noon for those wishing to enroll in Dements by stages and at 5:00 p.m. for the rest of the tests until the end of registration on the mychip website. A maximum of 450 entries will be accepted in the case of the marathon, and 100 registrations in the case of the Marató dels Dements in stages. The number of places in the Mitja d'Eslida and the Mitja d'Ain will be determined at each moment by the number of people enrolled in Dements in stages covering a maximum of 150 joint places between registrations in Dements by stages and Mitja d ' Eslida, and 300 between registrations in Dements by stages and the Mitja d'Ain. The organization will reserve of 50 places among all the tests that make up the event for possible commitments with sponsors and collaborators.

> Article 12.PROGRAM

Monday 11 to Thursday 12, November

  • 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.-Delivery of numbers in Corremon Valencia (the number will be delivered to the chosen store, not randomly)
  • 2:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. -Delivery of numbers  in Camisetas Errequeerre Castellón (the number will be delivered to the chosen store, not randomly)

Friday 15, November

  • 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. - Pick up of bibs in the multi-purpose Municipal Pavilion of Eslida.
  • 7:30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. -Presentation of the test in the Visitor Center of the Sierra de Espadán Natural Park.

Saturday 16, November

  • 6:00 a.m. to 7:15 a.m. -Collection of bibs in the municipal multipurpose Pavilion of Eslida.
  • 7.30 a.m. MARATÓ DELS DEMENTS START at Principe Felipe de Eslida street with close at 6.30 p.m. and MITJA D'ESLIDA START at Principe Felipe de Eslida street with close at 1.30 p..
  • Delivery of trophies and gifts: from 1:30 p.m. for the Mitja d'Eslida and from 4 p.m. for the Marató dels Dements in the Multipurpose Municipal Pavilion of Eslida.

Sunday 17, November

  • 07:00 a.m. to 08:15 a.m -Collection of numbers in the Social Center d'Ain in the Plaza Sorribes Fuster.
  • 08:30 a.m. MITJA D'AÍN START in Carrer Secà de Aín with closing at 2.30pm for the Mitja d'Ain
  • Delivery of trophies and gifts starting at 2.30pm for the Mitja d'Ain and Dements by stages at the Sorribes Fuster Plaza.

> Article 13. PASS CONTROL

A step control is established for the Marató dels Dements in KM 18 (DIVING MARATHON-MEDIA) in 4h, in KM 27 in 7h and in KM 35 in 8h30. The runners of the Marató dels Dements who have exceeded these disqualification schedules will be redirected by security to the next checkpoint where the dorsal will be removed. THE ORGANIZATION WILL BE STRICT IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE PASS CONTROLS.

> Article 14.TRACKING

The different races that make up the "Marató dels Dements" event take place almost exclusively on trails and mountain roads, of which a large majority are part of some G.R, P.R or S.L. During the race the riders will cross the heart of the Sierra Espadán passing through such emblematic points as: Pico Espadán, Barranc del Roig, Strut de L'Aljub, Alto de La Batalla, Alto de La Costera, Penya Blanca, La Mosquera, etc. .. The runners will obey, like any other visitor, to the rules that govern the Natural Park of La Serra Espadà.

> Article 15. FOOD SUPPLIES

There will be several types of refreshments distributed along the route of the Marató dels Dements and the Mitja d'Eslida (Kms.7, 11, 15 and goal):

  • - Light (only water) - Km 7
  • - Food supplies (drinks, sweet foods, salty foods, supplements) - Km 11, 15, 21, 27, 30, 34, 40 and goal.

There will be 4 provision stands distributed along the course of the Mitja d'Ain- Km 7, 13, 18 and goal.

For reasons of sustainability and ethics, there will be no glass in the refreshments so the runner should carry their own container of liquids

> Article 16.BIBS

The presentation of an identity document with photograph will be necessary for the withdrawal of the chip and the number. In no case can these be changed with a third party without the approval of the Management of the Marató dels Dements.

During the race the number must always be visible on the front of the corridor. In no case will a dorsal or gifts be sent to a runner's address in the case of non-participation.

In the case of a runner being found, on the day of the race, to have exchanged a dorsal, they will be banned for life from participating in this race.


For all races:

  • Thermal blanket
  • Whistle
  • Minimum water reserve of 1L. It must be completed at each refreshment points with special emphasis on kms.21 and 34 of the Marató dels Dements and km.14 of the Mitja d'Ain.
  • Heat-insulating windbreaker with hood with a minimum of 10,000 columns of waterproofing and breathability (depending on the time can be excluded by organization the obligation regardless of whether it is advisable)
  • Full mobile phone charging with GPS connected and with the geolocation app downloaded and activated.

Additional for Marató dels Dements:

  • Frontal Light or Similar for all those who pass through the control of material with time exceeding 4h (with this measure we ask that you be consistent given the dates, so that anyone who expects to be above these times take it into consideration).

There will be a control of material at km.21 of La Marató. The required equipment will be reviewed for all participants. It will be the trail runner who has the obligation to show the mandatory material to those responsible for control. The runner who does not carry the required equipment will be removed the number and will be disqualified.


Personal assistance will be tolerated exclusively at the refreshment points except for the delivery of mountain poles that can be made at any point along the route. It is forbidden to accompany the runner during the course outside the refreshment areas.


Except in case of injury, it will only be possible to leave at a control point, not being able to return in the opposite direction of the race. If this point is not accessible by vehicle, the runner will have to access the nearest evacuation point by their own means. It will be forbidden to leave the marked route without having informed the organization and be duly authorized.


The organization can temporarily detain a runner or force them to leave if they consider that their condition endangers their physical integrity or their safety.


In case of adverse weather conditions, the organization will reserve the right to neutralize ???? the race, modify the course, disqualification schedules, the time of departure of the race and even cancel it taking into account the observations of 112 of the GVA. An alternative route is planned with 35.7 km and 3040+ if necessary.

Failure to hold any of the tests for the causes for the aforementioned reasons in the previous section will not entitle the runner to the refund of the registration fee, leaving the organization in charge of finding an alternative date.


Those in charge of the organization will monitor the application of the regulations and will be authorized to disqualify runners if:

  • They leave the route taking a shortcut.
  • They receive assistance outside the provisioning areas and the recognized for mountain poles.
  • They leave garbage along the route (at this point we will be very strict, the sanction will imply disqualification and being banned from participating in the event for life)
  • They do not assist a person in difficulties (injury, extreme exhaustion, hypothermia, etc ...)
  • They do not go through a checkpoint.
  • They leave a checkpoint after the disqualification schedule.
  • Assignment to another trail runner of your bib number
  • Put the health of another trail runner or member of the organization at risk.
  • Not having the required equipment when passing the equipment control.

We will be very strict with the disqualifications and penalties since we believe that each and every one of the runners must compete in the same conditions (except level of physical condition since that depends on each one).

> Article 23.CLAIMS

Claims may be submitted to the race jury. These must be presented at the latest 1 hour before the distribution of the race prizes.


> ArtIcle 24. PRIZES

  • Trophy will be awarded to the first three men and women of the general classification of the Marathon, and trophy to the first three of each category (male and female).
  • Prize for the first three male, female and mixed couples.
  • The prizes in sporting material or of another type contributed to the first classified of the different categories will depend on the sponsorship of the test, this Regulation will be altered with the purpose of incorporating the possible prizes.