The Mitja d'Eslida will be held from 7.30am to 2pm. It has a distance of 21,2km with 1925m of elevation gain +/-. 


Distance: 6,8 km. +634 | -446

The route starts in Eslida, with a quick start with a first 500 metres on the flat, and after crossing the CV223, a loop through the most attractive streets of Eslida, where the first 70 metres of elevation gain are made. The exit from the village is along an asphalted track until taking the path that leads to the La Costera track, and then a SL that starts next to the repeater and takes us to the Alto de La Costera. This climb, although with loose stones, is moderate. At the top there is a crest that connects with the GR36 and with the first descent, very vertical and fast, with a good route, which returns to the La Costera track and, after about 700m, to the first refreshment point.


Distance: 3,6 km. +296 | -457

To the left of the refreshment post there is a path on a Roman road along which the GR36 runs, which climbs up to Coll Roig. Leave the GR and take the PR to the right, which climbs steeply towards the Nevera de Fondeguilla and reaches the Pla del Tarraguán. Once there, a long descent of great beauty through a dense forest and easy to run through, crossing the CV219 twice, leads to the Matilde Fountain, a very popular place with the public and companions and where the second refreshment point is located.


Distance: 5 kM. +639 | -269

After leaving the Matilde and crossing the CV219 again, the emblematic climb to Puntal de l'Aljub begins. A very visual climb that constantly leaves Eslida at the foot of the runner. As you go on, the vegetation and the ground changes, going from a leafy area to a rocky area with an easy climb. An average gradient of 28% in just under 2km. Once at the peak, we go around the antennas and start a soft cresting with rope steps with slight exposure, and then a running path that will take us to the third refreshment point at the Coll de Barres.


Distance: 5,3 km. +331 | -625

This section begins with a short climb that leads to the Alto de la Batalla or Benialí, an open area with little vegetation, which offers a stunning view of almost the entire route, with Aín to the left and Eslida to the right. A brief crest and a quick, vertical descent begins along a local path, with loose stones and a certain amount of danger, between ferns and maritime pines. After 2km of descent, you will reach the crossing where the marathon separates from the Eslida half-marathon. The runners will turn right towards the San José forest track. After an ascent and a subsequent descent, you will reach the Fosques fountain, and after bordering the CV-233, you will reach the Barranco de L'Oret, which will lead you to the finish line and make you a finisher of the Mitja d'Eslida.