June 29 12:00pm

In order to offer an exceptional experience to runners and visitors and for a better coordination of the security arrangements, in Dements 2024, there will be no Mitja d'Eslida or Dements per Etapes.

Of course, both events will be open to popular runners!

Next year we will be back with all our usual races!

Thank you for your understanding.

In the heart of Serra d'Espadà

La Marató dels Dements runs through the heart of the wonderful Serra d'Espadà Natural Park. We work hand in hand with the Park's management in order to promote tourism in the area and open it up to those who wish to participate in a responsible and sustainable rural world, always basing the event on the principles of eco-responsibility.


Although in 2024, exceptionally, there will be two.

The main race, only suitable for real "dements".
On Saturday, November 16 2024

A "half-matathon" with sufficient personality to be a flagship event
On Sunday, November 17 2024

Mitja d'Eslida and Marató per Etapes will be back in 2025.

Dements is not just a race, it is the very essence of Eslida and Aín. We look to forge a connection between the event and the environment, encouraging synergies that reinforce our links.

A village race

The event is organised by the Club de Muntanya Dements, with the collaboration of the Councils of Eslida and Aín, the Diputación de Castelló and the Natural Park of Serra d'Espadà. But the real muscle of Dements, the real organisers, are the more than 400 volunteers who participate in this project.

"The race is made from the depths of the heart that is in its mountains, it has soul, the soul of a can see that, it's not just another one".

Jokin Lizeaga. Basque coach and great reference in international trail

Only for Dements

Dements is hard, very hard. Its 42.5km, with a positive and negative elevation gain of 3808m, requires a high level of athletic preparation and knowledge of self-management in the natural environment. The cut-off times will require a certain level of demand and strategy. The organisation will not be lax with these cut-off times, for the safety of the participants. THE MARATÓ DELS DEMENTS IS NOT A RACE FOR BEGINNERS IN MOUNTAIN RACES.

"This is one of the races of mine, with almost 4000+ and an organization present at all moments at the mountain."

Manuel Merillas. Wold and European Champion of Skyrunning.
Winner Marató dels Dements 2019 and redcordman.

"Unbelievable what Dements makes you feel"

Julia Font. Spanish National team Trail | Team Brooks. Winner Dements per Etapes 2018

"43km. with a smile from ear to ear and goosebumps. A luxury of race on the doorstep of home"

Ricardo Cherta. Spanish trail national team. Team Dynafit.
Winner  Dements 2023. 

"Dements has made me enyoy racing again. Brutal  race"

Xari Adrian. Spanish Champion UltraTrail

Safety has no limitation in runner's bag

Of the entire mass of more than 400 volunteers, more than 100 are located throughout the mountain to ensure the safety of the runners. Where the technological networks do not reach, we compensate with our human network. Our main focus is on safety, placing resources where you might not even expect them (ambulances, firefighters, civil protection, as well as our own mountain, safety and traffic managers).

"Oustanding race, security a 10, refreshment points a 10, finish line a 10, prefect marking, unbeatable treatment, chapeau."

Miguel Heras. Team Salomon Suunto. Winner Dements 2018

"I am proud to say that I have run Dements"

Eva Bernat.  FEDME Cup Champion 2017. Ganadora Dements 2017 and recorwoman.





Photography: Andres Nuñez - Enric Frechina